WordPress Blog Sites SLA

Service Level Agreement Overview
Users of the WordPress Blog Service are subject to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which outlines the responsibilities of OIT and the customer, and provides some general information on policies of NC State University. In general, OIT is the owner of the service, but the customer is the owner of the content on the web site. Please be sure to read the SLA for all of the details.

Service Level Agreement
The customer will be responsible for:

  • making sure content stored within the website, or requested by the website is in compliance with:
    • requirements of University policies
    • FERPA, HIPPA, GLB, ECPA, CFAA and all other applicable federal and state laws regarding confidentiality of information
    • abiding by the University’s Computer Use Regulation.
  • site maintenance including but not limited to:
    • content, including links
    • navigation
    • RSS feeds
    • user access

OIT will not be responsible for:

  • maintaining or creating any content to be delivered by the service
  • any copyright infringements caused by the unauthorized use of copyrighted material
  • migration of any and all content as a function of executing an exit strategy

OIT will be responsible for:

  • providing backups
  • introductory information about getting started with the service
  • documentation about best practices of how to use the service

OIT will attempt to answer any and all questions, but there is no guaranteed level of support.

Restrictions on this service

  • The only way to login to this site is with a Unity user ID and password. Any non-Unity user account will not be able to authenticate properly and may be removed at any time.
  • Customer may not implement a course management service or a mail hosting service.
  • OIT reserves the right to disable any site that is – in the opinion of the OIT Design and/or Manager of Identity & Web Services (or their designate) – misbehaving, run-away, or consuming excessive CPU resources.

Blog Site Life-Cycle Overview

Initial Request – All introductory and descriptive information is available at http://wordpress.ncsu.edu and its derivative websites. It is the responsibility of the client to read and understand the requirements and features of the WordPress Blog Service before submitting a request.
Request Moderation – All requests are subject to moderation to ensure that the site name (URL) is acceptable. If a site is deemed unacceptable the administrator will be informed and the site removed from the environment.
Site Deployment – Shortly after approval, the new website will be deployed on the blog service, and permissions will be granted to the users who will administer the site.
Content – The client is responsible for all content on the blog website. This includes any content migrated from another website.
Maintenance – OIT Design is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the underlying WordPress code, plugins, and themes. There is no cost for OIT’s maintenance of these elements. The client is responsible for the maintenance of the site’s content, and the configuration of the any features.
Site Removal – If a blog site is no longer needed, OIT Design will facilitate its removal from the WordPress Blog Service in a timely manner.