Hosted Sites

The WordPress Hosted Service offers users a WordPress site with a larger number of theme and plugin options than what can be found in the WordPress Blogs Service. Sites in the Hosted Service offer NC State authentication, as well as local WordPress accounts. Backups of these sites are done on a daily basis. This service costs $300/year.

Sites in the WordPress Hosted environment must have their own, university-approved domain. If you do not own the URL you would like to use, please complete the campus URL request form.

Branding Guidelines

Any website created for official university communications is required to follow the branding guidelines published by University Communications, including the following:

Websites created for personal use only are not required to meet branding guidelines and may use any of the themes available in this service.

Accessibility Requirements

NC State University is committed to providing a barrier-free IT environment to all people. WordPress is a recommended technology for creating accessible websites. However, you must still follow basic accessibility best practices as you create content, including the following:

  • Every post and page must have a title.
  • Use headings to denote sections of your posts and pages.
  • Add alternative text for images when adding them to posts and pages.

The university IT Accessibility Coordinator periodically leads workshops on WordPress and accessibility. You can learn more and register for the next available workshop in REPORTER. For additional information, contact OIT Design & Web Services.

Request a Site

To request a site on the WordPress Hosted Service you will need to visit Web Registry and choose to start a request for a “Hosted WordPress Website.” All sites require technical and administrative contacts, as well as payment information. You will have 30 days from the time of deployment to test the site. If you choose to keep the site after the 30 days your account will be charged.


View the Service Level Agreement for using WordPress Hosted Sites.